Dr. Santosh Hanumandasji Malpani

Qualifications: MBBS in 1989
MD (Medicine) in 1992
Diploma Endocrinology (UK)

Activities: 1. Lecturer in Medicine
Government Medical College Nanded for 2 years
2. Practicing as Endocrinologist and Diabetologist
At United Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic, Nanded
Achievements (In Diabetes Clinic) ISO 19001-2008 standard approval for Diabetes Clinic
EMR- Complete computerization of patient's data in the Diabetes Clinic
Well equipped NABL approved biochemistry laboratory
Conducting phase four Drug Trials in Diabetes Clinic
Well equipped Patient Education Department having Diabetes Educators
Canteen in Clinic provides diabetic food & demonstrates how to cook.
Complete Foot Scan- only Clinic having full-fledged foot care unit
Permanent exhibitions Diabetic Food Exhibition
Diabetic Foot wears Exhibition.
Diabetes Information Posters
Diabetes Information Books
Superspeciality Clinics Diabetes Pregnancy Clinic
Diabetes Clinic for Children
Diabetes Foot Clinic
Obesity Clinic
Achievements (Awards Received) Sangli-Miraj Madhu Seva Gourav Puraskar
Madhuratna Puraskar -Barshi
Best Diabetes Educator Award
Pramilatai Bhalerao Seva Puraskar
Gangutai Sale Memorial Award
Social Works
Social work is conducted through Madhumeh Seva Sangh, a charitable trust working for prevention, awareness and treatment of life style diseases like obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Ischemic heart disease etc.
Activity No.1.
Diabetes Detection, Awareness and Treatment Camps
A preplanned activity conducted at remote places meant for correction of ideas about Diabetes and adjustment of treatment in diabetics.
Activity No. 2
Madhumehi Ani Natewaikancha Mahamelawa
Till date 10 such mega events meant for propagation of knowledge about diabetes have been organised in Nanded. In each activity about 2 to 3 thousand people gather and have the current knowledge about art of controlling diabetes. This program is conducted around 14 th November , World diabetes day.
Activity No. 3
Ahar Yatra
A specially designed program elaborating how to plan healthy diet for disease free life. About 100 such programs are conducted all over Maharashtra. This program combines the skill, method of cooking healthy food
Activity No. 4
Moolmantra Arogyacha
It is a program elaborating importance of diet, exercise and stress relief to lead disease free life. It also gives information about various diseases. About 50 such programs have been conducted all over Maharashtra.
Activity No. 5
Arogya Sadhana
A very popular first radio program on health issues.
On every Saturday on Akashwani Nanded Kendra at 7.40 am this program is being aired since 6 years regularly. About over 15000 people listen this program regularly. It covers various aspects of life including diet, exercise, and stress relief. Also gives information about how to investigate for detecting various diseases.
Activity No. 6
Diabetes Club
A noel idea in application since 15 years. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics have separate clubs. Giving medicines at less price, free camps, free training sessions, yoga classes are the activities for members of Diabetes Club
Activity No. 7
Various topics in diabetes care are covered through print and electronic media. the publications include
Katha Madhumehachi VCD in Marathi
Sampoorna Madhumeh VCD in Hindi
Ahar yatra VCD in Marathi & Hindi about diet
Yog Yatra VCD in Marathi and Hindi about Yoga
Anand Yatra VCD in Marathi about Stress Relief
VCD in Marathi about Foot Care
A book about diabetes in Marathi
Activity No. 8
IVRS telephone line 02462 243545
This telephone gives information about diabetes 24 hrs. Information about diet, exercise, stress relief etc is given on specific code numbers in Marathi, Hindi and English. Only thing is to be done is dial the number 02462243545 and follow the instructions
Activity No. 9
Web site: www.uniteddiabetes.in
Complete information of Diabetes in Hindi, Marathi, and English.
Till today there no website is available for Diabetes Mellitus information in Marathi and Hindi. This website is under construction it will be fully functioning in 2 to 3 months. This website is going to contain information in Marathi and Hindi along with English. Shortly Telugu will be available
Activity No. 10
Education of Medical Practitioners CMEs
Continuous medical education programs are conducted regularly at various places all over Maharashtra. Almost more than 350 programs have been conducted and about 5000 medical practitioners are given recent ideas about treating diabetes
Activity No 11
Chetana Shibir
Chetna Shibir is conducted for Police Department in whom percentage of people having lifestyle diseases is more. Over 250 such activities have been conducted. About more than 500 new diabetic and hypertensive people are detected till date in this activity.
Activity No 12.
Hello Doctor on Television
Once in a year this live program is aired on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel around world diabetes day 14 th November. 3 such programs have been aired in last three years